This is just the beginning

Well, here I am at last.

I am here to post about many things, many random things, some of which make sense, most of which won’t.


I want to, that’s why.

None of this will have any real world-changing capacity. I am not capable of making sense for prolonged periods of time. In fact, most of what I say is insufferable drivel and blithering nonsense, so I expect no one to read this or give a damn. Perhaps in the future, coherency may come to me, but for now, rambling randomness and ridiculousness is the way. Perhaps in the future, I’ll start being notable, but for now, obscurity and non-relevance is my only redress. I shouldn’t try to be notable, really. It does nothing for my vanity.

I really don’t know why I have a site anyway. It’s not like I have anything to share. No one cares about what you had for breakfast or what novel idea you had unless you are a beloved celebrity or brilliant inventor. Or maybe if you’re funny. If we ever lose the Internet by upgrading to some form of sentient interactive multimedia, it would be awesome, and all of this will be lost. I’m hoping I won’t spend too much time here and make that loss a significant one.

Anyways, welcome to the confusion, insignificance and thinly-veiled rage that is my psyche. I do hope you don’t take offense to my wasting of your time. Enjoy your stay.

I know that this is not particularly random or ridiculous. Soon, friends. It will come. Soon.



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