Assonance and Alliteration are Amusing

An Argument Against Animosity, Alliteration and Assonance

  1. Any animosity amongst allies aggravates annoyance into antagonistic aggression, and agreeable amity into argumentative anarchy. Anyone (belligerent boors, bellicose bullies, and brutish beasts) amassing amplified anger acts abusive and acrimonious, and antipathy, aversion and assault arises.
  2. All alliteration and assonance achieves are analogous assertions. Attributes of alliteration and assonance are abundance with abandon.


An argument attained with argumentum ad absurdum or antiquitatem adds absolutely nothing; alas, arguments are adversarial. Both arguments are brilliantly atrocious, albeit benign. Self-referential speeches require sturdiness or they start to sink to silly theatrics. Furthermore, every fine enquiry falls to reprehensible quibbling (results questionable). Assailing us are useful artifices: argue unto allies unless adversaries understand.



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