Internet debates (part 1)

Internet Debates: A crock of shit or no?

(the first in what will surely be a long series of rants on the matter)

I’m not going to poke the bear. Not going to comment on the 2016 primaries in the US. Not going to comment on China’s domestic policies. Not going to mention Gamergate.


Okay, I’m not going to comment at length about the topic. I can’t satisfy either field.

You, with your group-polarized viewpoints, cognitive bias-warped perceptions, and logical fallacy-ridden arguments, wish to make your case considered correct?

Are you a relativist?

Are you a daft relativist?

And you, clear, level-headed one, with your cogent and responsive demeanor, why are you wasting your time with pigeons who shit on chessboards and strut around like they’ve won?

There is nothing to be won here. If only the latter existed, we perhaps would get somewhere discussion-wise in mutual respect. Perhaps we could learn from each other, leave with our wills strengthened and not crushed, and we could admit when we are wrong and not rub our correctness in each others’ faces. But it is not to be. It is never to be.


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