Another personal blog in a sea of personal blogs, this one nonetheless proclaims to be unique. In its whiny, shrill personified voice, it desperately demands that viewers look at it. Lost in the thalassic vastitudes of such a voluminous quantity of words, one may feel disoriented, irritated, perhaps intrigued by the sheer (lack of) effort that went into churning out such mindless content.

Well, no more, I say. This site doesn’t matter, shouldn’t matter, and will never matter. Its only purpose is to divert and to entertain, and since it fails that, its existence truly is without meaning. But I would like to write nonetheless, so exist it does.

This is randomness and ridiculousness.


If you don’t like swearing or sensitive topics, avoid the pieces tagged with “Profanity exists!” or “Obscenity exists!”

If you do decide one day that you simply MUST copy my words and use them intemperately in your own works for whatever reason, please do NOT credit me. I would rather have you take the fall for this. If you really must be a stickler and follow copyright, go ahead, but I really would rather you not. I mean it.


Have a complaint?

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