Contact is defined as the physical taction of or close association with another object, as well as any establishment of a channel of communication with an entity other than oneself. It may also refer to any one of many books, television shows, films, songs and other works of art.

In geology, it is a feature of geological bodies, usually large rocks, whereby they touch one another. In mathematics, it denotes a certain type of equivalence relation whereby equal values and derivatives are possessed by the involved functions at a given point. What I’m saying is that they intersect. I think. In sociological terms, it is a person through which one can gain access to certain benefits (hereon referred to as “social capital”), such as desired information, an elevated social position, or a very yummy sandwich.

Clearly, I have no idea what I’m talking about and Googled the word “contact” extensively, as well as abused my poor language’s thesauri. I have wasted much time.

Seriously, though, if there are any concerns with content (ha!) or typographical errors, a simple comment will suffice. I am an ordinary person and not worthy of your valuable time anyway.